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Stephen & Christine Andert
Oct 21, 2022
In General Discussion
I mentioned this last year and there were a few folks interested. This year is going to be more demanding for motorcycles as it is a pro race so there will be more need for motorcyclists to help media (video and photo) to get around the course. I just got an email from the moto coordinator and they only have 8 bikes so far and are expecting to need at least 20. I've done almost every job there is (as well as raced the course twice) so I can probably answer most questions. HOWEVER, I do not always get on here that often and frequently overlook replies to posts, so if you have questions, shoot me an email ( or look me up in the Directory and you should be able to see my phone #. If you want to sign up, step one is to click this link and scroll down to where it says "Motorcycles" It is a blast, I was the last motorcycle on the course last year and got to escort the last bike rider up to the transition area.